The management of M/S CONSOLIDATED LIFTING EQUIPMENT L.L.C, provider of the service according to API RP 2D and API Specs 2C for the cranes installed on the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry installations is committed to comply with the requirements and continually improve its effectiveness of established quality management system based on INSI/API SPECIFICATION QI AND ISO/TS 29001 standards.

Established quality policy provides the framework for establishing and reviewing the quality objectives. It has been communicated to all in the organization and has been understood by them.

Quality policy is reviewed whenever the basic standard is reviewed or at the end every third year, which ever happens earlier.

Quality policy is achieved through fulfilling the set objectives.


  • Meeting specified requirements of the customers as per the applicable clauses and provisions of api rp 2d and api specs 2c and other applicable standards in 100% cases,
  • Resolving customer’s complaints and achieving minimum of 95% of the customer satisfaction,
  • Building 100% of needed competence of staff as per training plan,
  • PROMOTING SAFE PRACTICES to ensure zero % accidents.
  • Meeting statutory and regulatory requirements as applicable.